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Hometown Asphalt Paving of Kansas City

Smooth roads and parking lots are essential for businesses, organizations, and communities in Kansas City to operate efficiently and safely. Yet over time, wear and tear takes a toll, resulting in cracks, potholes, faded lines and more. At Hometown Asphalt Paving of Kansas City, we have over 23 years experience providing superior commercial asphalt paving and maintenance to keep surfaces in quality condition. From initial paving installation to repairs, sealcoating, line striping and everything in between, we deliver reliable, professional work you can count on. We take pride in contributing to the infrastructure of our hometown Kansas City so businesses can thrive and people can travel with ease. As a local, family-owned company, we care about doing the job right. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of paving and asphalt maintenance services for commercial properties across the metro.

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Hometown Asphalt Paving of Kansas City

As the leading asphalt paving company in Philadelphia for over 30 years, Hometown Asphalt Paving brings skill, craftsmanship and care to every job. No matter the size or complexity, we devote ourselves fully to delivering stunning results that enhance safety, aesthetics and value.

Our specialized services include:

Driveways Worth Admiring

Reimagine your home's entrance with a gorgeously paved driveway, expertly crafted by our artisan pavers. We handle tricky grading, preparation and material choices so you can enjoy an ultra-durable, seamlessly installed driveway that makes arriving home a joy.

Parking Lots That Wow

Activate your property's potential with a high-performing parking lot. Our commercial paving masters design efficient traffic flows, striking lines, and ecologically-sound drainage for retail, office, hospitality and multi-family parking lots that delight.

Roads Built to Last

As experienced road builders, we understand what world-class roads require, from compacted base layers to specialized asphalt mixes. Our modern paving strategies produce incredibly durable, sustainable roads ready to serve communities for decades.

Protective Sealcoating Services

Shield your pavement investment with our refurbishing sealcoat treatments. Our applicators analyze conditions first, selecting sealants matched for your exact usage levels. The result: refreshed aesthetics and maximum longevity.

Safety in the Details

Elevate safety for all with our specialized striping, reflective markers, signage and traffic calming applications. Our precise markings enhance directionality plus visibility day or night, managing flow for optimal security.

For paving excellence equipped to handle the intricacies of your property, trust Hometown Asphalt Paving as your partner. Contact us for a customized recommendation designed around your needs first—and budget second. Our drive to craft beauty and durability never wavers.

Our Services

Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

As Kansas City's premier paving company for over 30 years, Hometown Asphalt brings artistry and care to driveways, parking lots and roads - managing all aspects from durable base builds to beautifying sealcoats. For stunning, sustainable paving that enhances safety and value, trust our specialized craftsmanship.

Residential & Driveway Asphalt Paving

Rediscover the joy of coming home with a newly paved driveway, walkway or parking area courtesy of Hometown Asphalt Paving. Our specialized residential services breathe life into tired, worn asphalt, enhancing curb appeal and creating a welcoming space to pull into after a long day. Bring back the wow!

Commercial & Industrial Asphalt Paving

Hometown Asphalt masterfully builds and refurbishes high-traffic retail, hospitality and municipal surfaces. Our specialized commercial team handles environmentally-conscious drainage, striking aesthetics and seamless base builds, keeping communities connected through durable, artful infrastructure.

Parking Lot Paving & Striping

Faded parking lines create frustration and safety issues. As Kansas City's premier paving contractor, Hometown Asphalt expertly restores order and visibility to retail, office and apartment parking areas. Let our professional striping, stenciling and marking services guide traffic flows, direct drivers, and clearly define spaces day or night.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Shield your pavement investment with Hometown Asphalt's specialized sealcoating services. Our expert applicators analyze conditions first, strategically selecting protective sealants to match usage. The result: refreshed aesthetics, stabilized surfaces, and maximum longevity for driveways, parking lots and roads.

Asphalt Patching

Potholes damage vehicles and endanger drivers. As Philadelphia's leading paving company, Hometown Asphalt expertly repairs hazardous holes and pavement defects fast using specialized techniques. Trust our repairs to deliver smooth, safe roads that withstand heavy traffic long-term, keeping communities connected.

The Best Asphalt Contractors in  Kansas City

Professional Team

With over 23 years as Kansas City's trusted paving expert, Hometown Asphalt brings seasoned artistry to every job - large or small, commercial or residential. Our specialized teams handle intricate details with care, devotion and wisdom that only decades of experience can deliver, creating stunning, sustainable results.

Minimal Business Disruption

At Hometown Asphalt Paving, we deliver commercial projects with business owners' needs in mind. Our specialized team devises efficient timelines and utilizes advanced techniques to pave high-traffic areas quickly. Whether parking lots or roads, experience minimal disruption with our timely, artful craftsmanship. Contact us today!

Dedicated to Your Vision

Transforming property through artful pavement requires a paving partner devoted to your vision. For over 23 years, Hometown Asphalt Paving has combined attentive consultations with specialized craftsmanship to enhance aesthetics, function and value beautifully. Trust us to make your aspirations reality.

Quality Work

Hometown Asphalt brings over 23 years of integrity to every paving project, large and small. Our consultative approach and attentive craftsmanship deliver stunning, sustainable results on-time and on-budget. With specialized artistry honed over decades and hundreds of successful local projects, trust us to pave as if it were our own.

Decades Of Experience And Satisfied Customers

For over 30 years, Hometown Asphalt Paving has been Kansas City's trusted expert for creating and caring for beautiful, durable asphalt surfaces. Our specialized services revive tired pavement to enhance safety, access and curb appeal for residential and commercial properties alike.

Led by our team of seasoned artisans, we build efficient parking lots and driveways from the ground up, seamlessly melding form and function. We restore faded lots to their original vibrancy with vivid striping, protective coatings and reflective markers that manage traffic flows. And we quickly repair damage using specialized techniques to keep communities connected through smooth infrastructure.

Hometown stands by every job, large or small, with customized recommendations tailored to your property’s unique needs and usage. We handle all aspects of permitting and project management for stunning results, on time and on budget. Contact us today to discuss how our striking, sustainable paving services can make your aspirations a reality, just as we have for hundreds of satisfied local customers over the decades.

We’re passionate about our community and always at your service